Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Princess Chelsea Clinton

Instapundit: Princess Chelseamore Hillary Corruption, and Roger SimonSidney Blumenthal

Hot Air: State Department to Release Hillary Emails in 2016 (any on Princess Chelsea's wedding) and Clinton Crony banned from State Department, went anyway

Instapundit: Nothing from Clinton's past matters, everything from Bush's past is of the highest significance, Stephanopoulos was never a journalist in the first place, will "Sid Vicious" upend Hillary, Stepanopoulos was also involved in another Clinton Foundation offshoot, George Stephanopoulos--Brian Williams and the media's shrinking reputation, and Clinton Cronies and Wall Street

Rush Limbaugh: Little Stephanopoulos: Too Big To Fail
Camp of the Saints: Throw Chelsea from the train
Mark Steyn: By George, I Think He's Got It

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Update: Chelsea Clinton publishes her first book


  1. All that work for Hillary! paid off. Imagine that puss at 65.

  2. Just glad you didn't label this a Rule Five...

    1. Chelsea Clinton is average looking (too bad she got her dad's face)--but unfortunately it seems she got her mom's way with people too (which in the long run is worse).


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