Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Marilyn Mosby's Case Against The Baltimore Six Falling Apart?

Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: Is the Freddie Gray Prosecution Unraveling?  

Is it true Marilyn Mosby waived prosecution immunity by self charging the Baltimore Six?
The Anchoress: Will Media infatuation doom Marilyn Mosby?

EBL: Did Mosby go OTT in charging the police on purpose? and A Democrat Star is Born

Instapundit: Rogue police force in New Mexicodisagreement over whether the Freddie Gray knife was legal or not, and Thomas SowellDemocrats making excuses and not taking responsibility

David Graham/The Atlantic: Did Mosby Overcharge The Baltimore Six?
Andrew McCarthy: Beware Baltimore's "No Justice, No Peace" Prosecutor
The Last Tradition: Is Marilyn Mosby prosecution case all wet?
Rush Limbaugh: Rush's analysis of Mosby's case and President Obama explains why Baltimore is the way it is.
Conservative Treehouse: "Egregious rush to judgment" by Baltimore State Attorney Mosby  Did Mosby make an "illegal arrest" of the officers charged?
Gateway Pundit: Will Mosby face charges?
Daily Beast: Is Mosby wrong about Freddie Gray's knife being legal? 
Twitchy: More issues for Mosby regarding her investigator
Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: Former Baltimore Public Attorney speaks out against Marilyn Mosby
Rush Limbaugh: Mosby's case is falling apart
Andrew McCarthy: A prosecution that threatens a city
Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: Meet Mosby's Lead Investigator (what will the defense do with this)

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  1. The Peter Principle.

    Or is it the Sharpton Principle, where nobody dares mention what fools they are.

    Or is that the Barack Principle?


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