Monday, May 11, 2015

Important questions that need asking: Starship Troopers' Carmen or Dizzy?


  1. Dizzy, both because she is the one more interested in Johnny, not afraid to show it, and also because I've never found Denise Richards to be attractive. I watched a making of for "The World is Not Enough", and Denise seems to recognize she's attractive but likes to play parts where her character is smart and intelligent. She comes off to me like an attractive girl trying to be nerdy when she isn't. This is otherwise known as being fake. I rather a real woman, who knows she is and not afraid to be just that. Dizzy was definitely that, and Carmen seemed more interested in being a cool pilot that can impress her superiors than a real warrior (which isn't how Heinlein wrote her).

  2. Dina Meyer was hot back then -- but she's a bit long in the tooth now.

    1. Not to a horny old 63-year-old like me. She's perfect.


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