Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Emma "Mattress Girl" Sulkowicz's Media Saga Continues: Columbia Graduation Day

Instapundit: Annals of neurotic attention seeking This is more than that. This appears to be doubling down on a lie and then doubling down again and again. And it is only possible because so many at Columbia enabled Sulkowicz to do it. 

Campus Sex: History is Cyclical (and Donald Glover at around 2:30 gives some excellent advice)

EBL: Fictional vs. Real Rape
Instapundit: Jim Treacher: Pretty Little Liar, possible conspiracy (remind me of a troika of characters from the Scottish Play), bad behavior is not rapeColumbia Mattress Girl Looking To Cash In, and a perfect Ikon for the feminist left

I'll put this Rule 5 as a warning. Guys listen to Donald Glover, you do not want a girlfriend like Emma Sulkowicz (and employers don't want Emma either)

Instapundit: Conservatives can engage in guerrilla art too! and Ace: Kristen Gillibrand's Chubby Case against Nungesser falls apart and GoT is relentlessly sexist, but not against women

TOM: Credit where Credit Is Due

Emma's Mattress on Twitter
Sister Toldjah: A retrospective of the Paul Nungesser witch hunt
Instapundit: Camille Paglia on real men and feminism back in 1995

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