Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Columbia Classical Trigger Warning Rule 5

It has apparently come to this: Instapundit: Reason: Classical Mythology Need Trigger Warnings at Columbia?

Don't these kids watch Game of Thrones?  Beyond HBO, a certain mythological rape has gotten a lot of attention over the years. A lot of artists are drawn to this subject.

Leda and Zeus transformed into a swan, Palazzo Nuovo

Leda and the Swan by Correggio

Leda and the Swan, Roman marble possibly reflecting a lost work byTimotheos

Paul Cézanne': Leda and the Swan

Leda and the Swan, Roman copy, 1st century, Getty Museum

Leda and the Swan. Charcoal, gouache on paper. Ulpiano Checa

A mosaic from Cyprus (c. 3rdC AD)

Leda and the Swan, a 16th-century copy by Peter Paul Rubens, after a lost painting by Michelangelo

Leda and the Swan, copy by Cesare da Sesto after a lost original by Leonardo, 1515–1520

Leda and the Swan. Georg Pencz

Drawing by Cornelis Bos after the lost original by Michelangelo

Salvador Dali, Leda Atomica, 1949


Mattress Girl (is that mattress a swan)

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Men will get ideas...

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  1. Love to see them get the vapors in English class when they have to read the Decameron.


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