Sunday, May 3, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: Did Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby go over the top with charging the police on purpose?

Marilyn Mosby, who comes from a family of Boston police officers, just got elected Baltimore State Attorney on a platform of reining in the police.  Three months into her term the city erupts in response to Freddie Gray's death. If she acts balanced, she will just enrage and alienate her base--destroying not only her own political career but likely her husband's too.

So go big early (Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notes the riskiness of what she just did)--which makes me question whether she is trying to get kicked off the case. If the cops get acquitted or charges dropped, she can blame it on whoever takes over.  She sought "justice" and calmed the city. Of course her version of "justice" (unless there is some evidence the rest of us don't know about yet) seems to mean summary conviction of all the police officers charged (which is unlikely to happen).  Does Mosby, as The Last Refuge* suggests, win by losing this case?

It is risky as hell.  She might not be taken off the case and have the very difficult personal burden of proving all these charges. Her behavior at the press conference makes acquittal more likely. If these cops get acquitted due to over charging or prosecution mishandling, she could be blamed. Still, she is doing something right now very popular with angry black voters in Baltimore (and the New York Times). (AoSHQ has a proper rebuttal to the NYT piece)

Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: State Attorney Marilyn Mosby almost certainly wrong on claiming false arrest and Justice or Political Theater? 

I still have no answers how Freddie Gray got into that van in one condition and came out with fatal back injuries.  It is not just the spinal injury, but the damaged larynx too.  Where is the forensic autopsy to explain what happened?  I am not saying the all the police are absolutely innocent. I don't know. But how this case is being handled is definitely odd.

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  2. She may think this is gonna make a name ofr herself, but so did Angela Corey.

    She was so ready for her close-up.


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