Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who knew that House of Cards is doing promotion for Hillary Clinton's campaign?

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Instapundit: The Clintons, They're Just Like Us (if like us you mean multimillionaire Democrat donors), expect a scandal a day with the Clintons, Hillary the Candidate of Meh, and Iowa students seem to know Hillary better than Hillary does.

Intapundit and Mickey Kaus are working on a road trip tape for Hillary.
Mark Steyn: Ooze you can use and I am Jimmying Cartier's and I am running for President
Instapundit: Hillary buying millions of twitter and Facebook friends, Hillary's Chipotle Order, read stories about Hillary as if she is a robot trying to be more humanHillary and the sex card, why does Bill Clinton have heart problems, why are more men sitting down to pee, Hillary was asked about her private email two years ago, of course Hillary is popular in Baghdad, she supported Operation Iraqi Freedom, and know your place peasants!

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  1. I'll bet Willie would love to get his hands on Dakota Johnson.


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