Thursday, April 9, 2015

What really happened to Harry Reid?


  1. Reid still hasn't provided proof that he wasn't beaten by the father of one of his child victims.

  2. Col Mustard in the library with the monkey wrench.

  3. Latest update about Harry Reid injury - the story about him being beaten by his brother that was told on Power Line and by Rush Limbaugh (as possible) is a lie, or at least the person who told it says it was a lie - but the whole story contradicted some known facts about Alcoholics Anonymous and how the person realized is too pat ..

    And the reason given for telling the lie is also a lie.

    I think the lie was spread by Harry Reid.

    It's a Clinton style cover-up. (one element of some Klinton Konspiracy theries is soreading of false theories, which can later be debunke,d to entice and entrap the skeptics.

    Notable example: The TWA Flight 800 missile theory, which was invented in the White House the night of the crash. It had two versions, U.S. government, and terrorist.


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