Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mr. Earth Day 2015

I have never given out a Mr. Earth Day Award before, but who better to get the first one than Mark Steyn for his wonderful peer review work for the climate change industry!

Mark Steyn: Climate Change, The Facts , Happy Earth Day, and The Science is Settled!

Bill Nye did not get this years award!  But Bill is always good for a laugh.
Instapundit: Bill Nye, The Unconscious Irony Guy and Glenn gets his Twitchy on for Earth Day
Wombat: Twitchy and Bill Nye
Michelle Malkin

Instapundit (who was a runner up for Mr. Earth Day this year): Addresses Obama and EPA hypocrisy here and here
And Twtichy gives Instapundit a nod for hitting a nerve with his tweets
Wombat: AmPowBlog: Earth Day Overload and an AmPowBlog plug for Mr. Earth Day
Hogewash notes the Obama/Nye hypocrisy

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