Monday, April 13, 2015

Game of Thrones: Was the jail cell conversation last season between Jaime and Tyrian a jab at Orson Scott Card?

This is a theory originally from Reddit and other GoT fan websites.

So is this scene (embedding is disabled on YouTube), which is not in the books, a not so subtle jab at scifi writer Orson Scott Card? In a very broad clumsy sense Card's Ender's Game involves children smashing insects.

Peter Dinklage says this is one of his favorite scenes. It is one of my favorites too. While I did not comment on it back when this episode first played, but it also certainly foreshadowed what happens later in this episode.

Fortunately the Jaime Tyrian jail cell scene works on many levels (which is why I like it so much). I do not think Card's initial review of HBO's GoT was that bad or that off--many others less religious than Card have noted the sex in GoT HBO series is a bit gratuitous (it has to justify those subscription rates I guess). The Jaime-Tyrian exchange may also a subtle dig at author George R.R. Martin himself (who seems to relish killing off characters in his stories for dramatic effect). Martin warns that the tv show is going to kill off characters even he did not kill off (so maybe it is also self depreciating poke at the producers-show runners).

As far as the Season 5 opener, it was what you would expect for a season opener (with one of those gratuitous gay sex scenes that is in the HBO series but not the books that did not particularly help the plot and character development). Overall, while a bit slow, the opener did set up the various story threads for going forward.

Getting back to Orson Scott Card: He is despised by many on the left because he does not fully embrace their promotion of homophilia and absolute acceptance of same sex marriage (you can't apparently sell pizzas or scifi books unless you are fully on board with those issues--even if it conflicts with your religious views).

Some even delusion-ally argue that Ender's Game is pro-genocide (you have to be a Salon writer to come up with that one dimensional conclusion given the actual Ender's Game book series and movie). Ender's Game is more nuanced (and complex) than that. Maybe Salon's writers can focus on other genocide/democide issues that took place in the not so distance past and are still taking place in many parts of the world today.

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