Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fake Journalist Alyssa Marino wants to make "news" to promote her own career Rule 5

Instapundit: Ed Driscoll: The rise of megalothymiamanic pizza truths

Dana Loesch: Next target Arlene's Flowers in Richland, Washington and Muslim Bakery refused to make cake for Gay Wedding (shock--crickets from the media).  I do not like bullies targeting people. Freedom means the freedom to opt out of certain things (such as making a cake or selling flowers), let the market decide things from there.  I would not make a gay florist or baker do something they found offensive or they disagreed with, why can't the same apply reciprocally?
TOM: What equality for feminists and leftists means no freedom for you

Legal Insurrection: Tammy Bruce: Liberals have become the bullies they claim to hate
Instapundit: Jazz Shaw: The left loves speech it can control and hates speech it can't control and ABC reporter Alyssa Marino and CBS employee Alix Brix are never going to apologize (they are leftists and being leftist means never having to say you are sorry).

Smitty: Forgiveness is the way to deal with some on the Left
Instapundit: Blowback, Gay Marriage and Selma Envy, and Confessions of a Vulture Journalist

Instapundit: Eugeme Volokh: Libel, UVA and Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone and Erdely go with the Marion Barry DefenseAshe Schow and what we learned from this review, and (according to WaPo) Rolling Stone's behavior consistent with that of "a purveyor of bias."

Twitchy: Sabrina Rudin Erdely fails to apologize to the UVA fraternity that she slandered and libeled
More from American Power Blog
TOM: The standards of liberal journalism are as real as Jackie's made up boyfriend and Liberals Hate Christianity
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