Sunday, April 26, 2015

Earthquakes don't kill people, (poorly built) buildings kill people…

Rest In Peace to those who died and our prayers and assistance to those who lived.  A 7.8 earthquake is significant and would have caused massive damage (and possibly deaths) anywhere, but this disaster demonstrates (as most disasters demonstrate after the fact) why engineering and building codes matter.

Making earthquake resistant houses on a tight budget (these principals could apply anywhere earthquakes are prone)

NYT: Though many have worried about the stability of the concrete high-rises that have been hastily erected in Katmandu, the most terrible damage on Saturday was to the oldest part of the city, which is studded with temples and palaces made of wood and unmortared brick.

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  1. Ironic but true.

    The buildings in quake-prone Mexico city that hold up the best are the ones that date back to the Conquistadores. built of wood frames fastened with leather, they give enough when there's a whole lot o' shakin' goin' on.


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