Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sophia Loren Rule 5


  1. A) It's hard to find a bad photo of the beautiful Miss Loren
    B) My three favorite Loren photos are that one of young Loren in the wet shirt, one in Man of La Mancha, and that filmy negligee shot that ran in Life magazine (of all places!) By some small coincidence, all three were featured when she was my Vintage Babe of the Week

  2. Not a pretty or even beautiful woman in the classic sense, but very alluring because she is so exotic.

    The original choice to play Cleopatra back in the early 60s. Too bad they went with Liz Taylor.

    Sophie had the chops to get it right. As it is, the best thing about the movie, considering the real star is supposed to be Liz's omnipresent cleavage (and, yes, at 13, I, too, was mesmerized by it) is Rex Harrison's Caesar.


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