Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature: by Robert Stacy McCain

Instapundit: Robert Stacy McCain's collection of essays on Radical Feminism is out…

As Smitty noted: Someone should write a book

I think this is a better cover image but that is me…

Read McCain's book and find out!

What most people think when they say feminism is not what radical feminism is about. Robert Stacy McCain uncovers the insanity and hate at the core of radical feminism.  

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. No big fan of McCain, but how can you dislike 3 naked, buxom ladies?

    1. I told him not to use that cover. The essays are on feminism so this is probably a better image of the subject issue of the book.

  2. Look up " Female hypergamy Rational Male " Also " FI Rational Male " - FI is Female Imperative.

    Feminism is not killing civilization. No fault divorce is doing it.


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