Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not every witch is bad, Elizabeth Montgomery Rule 5


TOM: Reports on Feminist Witches (but not all witches are bad)

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Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM unfortunately finds plenty of the bad witches and their contemptible creepy male counterparts.

TOM: "Fat Cow" Lena Dunham?  This is offensive to the bovine species! I have done Rule 5 Lena Dunham before here and here. I also commented on her sister abuse. Girls is unfortunately actually well written, it is accurately reflecting how fucking pathetic, un-glamorous, unsexy, and shitty life is for the young urban hipster in Manhattan. It is also so depressing and boring to be unwatchable after an episode or two.
TOM: Degenerate Scum and the World Just Keeps Getting Weirder
Instapundit: Bad Feminism (is there really good feminism)


  1. I had a huge crush on Elizabeth montgomery when I was a kid. Loved her to death!

  2. Too bad Samantha had a bad father complex - what they call Jocasta Syndrome.

  3. Yeah, I was utterly smitten by Elizabeth Montgomery.

    How do you know she's a witch?

    She looks like Elizabeth Montgomery.

    1. It's Acting!

      Or she did a spell on you with that nose thing she did!


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