Monday, March 2, 2015

Netanyahu to speak to Congress

Still as RRG suggests, I will be paying close attention.  

I am skeptical if Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets, Obama denies it. I would suspect such a threat would be a more subtle "accidents could happen" or something along those lines.

I do not doubt that plans by Israel to use military force against Iran have been thwarted by the White House.  Still, unlike the WH (and a bunch of Democrat members of Congress), I am siding with Western Civilization, thank you very much. Here is the list of those Democrat members of Congress not going:
Benefit of doubt?  Kerry is just slightly less incompetent than Biden (although I could coin flip on that). I agree with Bibi: Israel cannot be passive in face of this threat. It is time to let Israel save the world (again)

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  1. Net is doing on foreign policy what Giuliani is doing domestically.

    God, I love those guys.


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