Friday, March 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and the EmailGate Scandal that is not going away Rule 5

The Obama White House is throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus…was this whole scandal set up by the Obama White House as some have suggested to take Hillary out (or at least take her and Bill down a notch)? 

Wombat : Proof Positive: Hillary Clinton and the Emails of Doom
Smitty: Clintons Need To Maintain A 'Level of Artifice'…but that might just bite them in the ass
Instapundit: Roger Smion: I stole Hillary's emails… and Hillary seems old and tired (and Bill liked going with Epstein to his sex island with young nubile girls)
Lem's Place/Chip Ahoy: Hillary's next press conference

Sorry Meryl, your selfie probably got deleted…

Legal Insurrection: The Press Turns on Hillary

 Could the missing emails be there?  Let me look…
The Clintons are different from you and me…

Moe Lane: Is O'Malley running for Vice President? (sure looks like it)

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  1. You get the feeling Hillary! is thinking, "I could dive right into Christina and there'd be room for Huma, too"

  2. Hillary likes the southern carpet, if you know what I'm saying. Also, there is zero doubt in my mind why Obama would go after Hillary. A) she started the whisper campaign of the birther movement. She started, not the tea party. The tea party just latched onto it and ran with it. B) there is a distinct hatred between the clintons and the Obama's and that stems from The She Witch (Michelle Obama) distaste for Bill Clinton and his lecherous ways. These families do. not. like. each. other. at. all.


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