Thursday, March 5, 2015

Congressional subpoenas for Hillary Diane Rodman Clinton's private emails/server?

Mark Steyn: Basic Cable
Legal Insurrection: Will Warren Run?
Truth Revolt: The Hillary Cover-up and the end of Democracy
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Takes Aim At Hillary Diane Rodman
Jazz Shaw: Abandon the Fantasy: Hillary Isn't Going Anywhere
Mark Levin: Are the Hillary email leaks an inside job to take Hillary down a notch or out completely?
Instapundit: The media tries to say Jeb Bush did it too…but leave out the part that Jeb Bush is not in government any more

EBL Posts:
Is Hillary Clinton getting a pass by the media?
Clinton Foundation took millions from foreign governments while Hillary was Sec of State

Instapundit: Ed Driscoll: Tammany Hall Redux with Clinton Political Machine, Hillary emails catch Democrats off guard, and Is Hillary Like Petreaus: Well so long Hillary was not sleeping with hot women she was emailing with an unofficial email account…
American Power Blog: Dems caught off guard
Judical Watch sues for Hillary and Huma Egypt Emails
Smitty: The flap over EmailGate Makes No Sense
Instapundit: Why is Hillary so protected?
TOM: Server, Serve Her, Clinton Crumbling
Instapundit: Hillary's State Dept fired an ambassador for using private email
Hot Air/Allahpundit: National Security Disaster?
Smitty: Liberal feature, conservative bug and All Dates are Morally Equivalent (w Dems)
Hillary Clinton Involved In Scheme to Conceal E-Mails

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  1. Y'know, it's funny, when that picture was taken during the live feed of the bin Laden hit, she never looked more human, more vulnerable, and, yes, even likable.

    That was the real her, not something put on for everybody the way she and Willie always do. Too bad we never saw more of that.

    Too bad she didn't have more of that to share.


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