Sunday, March 8, 2015

Barack Obama says he just learned that former Secretary of State Clinton has a secret email server while she was serving in his administration…with Bonus SNL Opening Scene!

But the New York Times notes this:
In the portion of the interview that was released, Mr. Obama did not address how he could have avoided noticing that Mrs. Clinton was sending emails from a “” address throughout the years she served in his administration.

Bonus SNL: Maybe there is a little hope left…

Instapundit: Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton email co-conspirator?  What is this Huma Hillary connection all about?  Seems that the Clintons and Islam have something in common.
Lem's Place: Clinton's count on short memories of public opinion to survive
Legal Insurrection: Trey Gowdy: Huge gaps in emails Hillary turned over…strains credibility
Smitty: Hillary is above the law and Issa is impotent not important…Smitty is channelling some Allahpundit, although generally they are right to be skeptical when it comes to the media covering for Democrats. Although these missing emails may be the key to the Clinton Foundation Payolla

Instapundit: Huge gaps in Hillary's emails and Eric Holder likes to privately email too. More from Lem.


  1. Glad he wan't around 12/7/41.

    He wouldn't have know we were at war for days.

  2. What's up with WJC's nose in photo #4? Herpetic lesions?

    1. I can't believe I missed that. Good a guess as any.


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