Sunday, March 22, 2015

Barack Obama is a peevish, petulant, poor loser president, so what if Iran gets nuclear weapons as a result…

Instapundit: Obama Losing Yemen (like he lost Iraq, Syria, Libya and soon Afghanistan and Lebanon…possibly Egypt too), Americans returning to fight ISIS, Kurdish fighter confronting Islamists in London, old school ISIS fight, progressives want the US Military neutered, V.S. Naipaul on ISIS, and ISIS targeting US Military, Obama doesn't care.
RRG: Obama calls halt to news cycle
Obama's roll in Israel election bigger than what was reported
NY Post: Israel beware Obama
Instapundit: Obama sells out Israel to Iran

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  1. It must gall him that the guy who bitch-slapped him in front of the world press turned around and let him use all his community organizer tricks before humiliating him by giving a speech that not only anointed him leader of the free world, but won the election.


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