Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why are environmentalists not crying out about the canal project proposed for Nicaragua?

I think you probably know why…

This project is being ramrodded without any environmental concerns…

I am not being hypocritical myself. Nicaraguans are entitled to make decisions to develop their country. I think it is possible to build a canal without trashing the wild areas of Nicaragua or spoiling Lake Nicaragua, but not the way this project is being done. But what I find especially contemptible is the silence from those celebrities who lecture us on ANWR and Barack Obama (who had no problem vetoing Keystone Pipeline today but has been strangely silent on this project).


  1. Like everything else just follow the money.

  2. Actually, Nicaragua is an easier build.

    It was preferred over Panama.

    1. You are right, it was considered an "easier" built from an engineering perspective. It is more like the Suez Canal, far less elevation change than the Panama canal (so less locks). The Suez Canal has no locks.

      But from an environmental perspective, with that large inland freshwater lake they are going to have massive amounts of boat traffic on, and the extensive mangrove and estuaries that will be dredged and filled in to make this work, it could likely turn out to be a disaster, not only for Nicaragua but neighboring Costa Rica (which is protesting the project).


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