Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Imitation Game: A Review

I liked this movie on Alan Turning a lot, thinking it was as good (or almost as good) as American Sniper (and that is saying a lot). The movie was based on Andrew Hodges' book: Alan Turning: The Enigma

While I still like The Imitation Game very much, after reading this article on the real facts vs. the screen play (warning spoilers) Graham Moore's liberties with the facts took some of the shine off this movie.  I wished Benedict Cumberbach, who does an excellent job of acting, played this character straight…well to the facts that is. I liked I do not think it was necessary to deviate from the facts to deliver the drama--Turning's real life and achievements in WWII, later arrest and conviction for homosexuality, and subsequent suicide were exciting, dramatic and tragic enough. Bletchley Park, the breaking of the Enigma code and Turning's work are too important to trivialize. 

Still, an excellent movie.  I greatly recommend it.  

And in the spirit of Rule 5, here are some Keira Knightley and Tuppence Middleton images. Keira Knightly does an especially good job in this film.  


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  1. The name Turing is magic among programmers, right up there with Donald Knuth. and, yes, Bletchley is what's important in his life.

    PS I see Miss Swann has retained her sauciness.

    PPS They named her Tuppence? 2 penny coin?

    What is it with parents anymore?


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