Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Columbia Mattress Girl Saga Continues: Paul Nungesser continues to assert his innocence, Emma Sulkowicz is outraged some have questioned her version of events…

It is still possible, but increasingly remote, that Nungesser did what Sulkowicz claims. It is far more probable that Sulkowicz is mad that her relationship with Nungesser did not go as she would have preferred and Nungesser is innocent of the crime (rape) he is accused of. If those social media posts reported by Cathy Young are true, how does Sulkowicz explain them? Sulkowicz attacks those questioning her. Apparently rule of law, basic rules of an accused person being able to defend themselves, and questioning the veracity of the accused and the accuser do not apply when the term "feminist" is bandied about, especially if there is a photo opportunity with a mattress.  

In his somewhat related feminist beat, TOM continues his reporting of grumpy feminist lesbians and their understanding of men, Harvard sluts and the thought police, and a lesbian police officer accused of having sex with a 17 year old high school girl.  And TOM did post on Emma Sulkowicz previously, but Nungesser made the mistake of claiming he was a feminist too. 

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