Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marie Harf is a Dangerous Idiot Rule 5

A blonde corn fed Marie Harf would be auctioned off to some sex obsessed Viagra fueled ISIS terrorist if she was in Syria or Iraq right now. It is not lack of jobs, it is the seduction of apocalyptic religious fervor with approved sexual depravity and licentious that is motivating young Muslim men to join ISIS.

Evil is seductive. ISIS is actually Islamic and evil. Evil is not just limited to Islam, how do you think Hitler and the Nazis came to power?  Like fascism, communism, various cults and xenophobic genocidal movements over the years, it is the lure of being important, significant, and having power over others that drives this and other evil movements.  Marie Harf is a symptom of just how out of touch the Obama Administration is in not recognizing (admitting) the threat.

The Barack Obama and his Administration are not the first Democrats to be guilty of failures that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  BTW, what is the Clinton Foundation's position on how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left Libya?

And while I have my doubts about Marie Harf's acuity, I do not think Barack Obama and his Administration are completely stupid. It is worse than that. They are more worried about admitting George Bush may have been right about some things and are willing to do practically anything not to go there. Obama does not want to acknowledge that he managed to let Iraq sink into chaos and his and Clinton's half assed intervention in Libya not only contributed to State Department personnel being killed but destabilized the region.

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Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. Why is it the major babes (and she is a looker*) on the Left are dingbats?

    Of course, the ones on the Left who aren't are also dingbats, but annoying dingbats.

    *Ordinarily, I'd say keep her barefoot and pregnant, but I'd also have to endorse passing on those genes.

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  3. Rule Five? Don't see the appeal. You can't fix stupid.

    1. She is pretty in a generic sort of way. But an actual conversation with Marie could be marketed as anti-Viagra. But I am sure the ISIS boys would have no issue in auctioning her off and "marrying" her as a sex slave (most of them have limited English skills that would make them immune initially to Marie's speaking ability).

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    3. Eve, how many guys through history have nailed women prettier than her who were dumber than a box of rocks?

      Once you gotten past third base, it's got nothing to do with quantum physics IYKWIM

    4. Proof, women have been marrying guys since the beginning of time in the same failed attempt.

    5. Alcohol, helping people get laid for 5,000 years...

  4. They are more worried about admitting George Bush may have been right about some things and are willing to do practically anything not to go there.

    I've felt this way since Benghazi. The slight difference is with Benghazi, they are worried about admitting that taking out Bin Laden wasn't enough. Remember when Pelosi said we could have taken down the statue of Hussein much cheaper? These people just don't get the depth of the problem. They use words about nuance, but the fact is their mental capacity is so shallow, they want to believe the problems have easy fixes like more jobs.

    And lets face it, they think more jobs is as easy as spending more government money or raising the minimum wage. They would probably think just giving a large chunk of financial aide to ISIS would cause them to put up the guns and create a 1st world coed education system.

    Oh, and corn fed is right. And she has a thicker foundation than most skyscrapers.

  5. Most useful idiots that work for Orwellian governmental regimes tend to be dangerous.

  6. Oops, forgot to tell you --- Linked!

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  8. How come no one, when observing Muslim atrocities, asks, "What would Mohammed do?" But it's understandable because the answer is that Mohammed would do precisely what Jihadists do: rape, pillage, torture, force conversion, and enslave.

    btw: I linked to your article from mine: Marie Harf is an Idiot

  9. Libya is a mess. Obama made that mess for the most part. And you'll notice he hardly talks about it. He talked about revolution leading to peaceful democracy in a speech I linked to on a post. But that's not what we got. He continues to support fighters in Syria ( and I really doubt they are Syrians ) for what? Is there any expectation at all that it will turn out any differently than Libya? For someone who said,don't do stupid sh!t was his foreign policy he seems to wallow in it.


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