Friday, February 27, 2015

Jesus vs. Mohammed Update: TGIF is very different in the Muslim world...

I can't believe I missed this one too and hat tip to Darleen Click for finding it.

TOM: ISIS killer identified, Hey Marie Harf, jobs were not an issue.
Daesh/ISIS Islamists smash ancient artifacts in Iraq
Hillary Clinton's Staff knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack  (off topic, but with ISIS/Daesh taking over Libya now, it is good to remember who helped them do that)

Ricochet: The Sack of Mosul
What strikes me about these fanatics is how incredibly insecure they are about their beliefs. They claim to be the most faithful among us, yet still believe their god is so frail that he’s offended by hunks of stone and leaves of paper.
ISIS or Daesh?
ISIS and Civilization Don't Mix

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  1. 2021 years later (some astronomer pinpointed His birth at 4/17/6 BC), the Man From Galilee (sounds like a gunfighter come to clean up the town, don't it?) still rocks.


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