Sunday, February 15, 2015

ISIS vows to burn alive captured Kurdish Peshmerga fighters…

Who is more responsible for ISIS, George Bush or Barack Obama? 
In October 2014, Piers Morgan blamed Barack Obama for the growth of ISIS…
So how did ISIS manage to get so much US supplied equipment?  We can thank our Iraqi allies…

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Instapundit: Another shooting in Copenhagen terror spree at a Synagogue
American Thinker: Nightmare scenario unfolding at Anbar Ayn al Assad Air Base (not really a nightmare for Obama…it is a nightmare for those troops if the base falls)
McCarthy/NRO: Obama tries to shift the blame from his losing ISIS strategy
Instapundit: Republicans want a tougher response to Islamic extremism.  Obama wants appeasement and half measures.
DaTechGuy: Time for Western Civilization to make a stand for itself
Instapundit: Too many most wanted men, onward Christian soldiers, and chilling stories of ISIS slave auctions AoSHQ: Spot on about IS and ISIS and Obama's failure


  1. I hope that DOW still makes napalm. Louis Fieser would approve this message.

    1. I believe they do.

      In any case, it's fairly easy to make your own.

      Any Special Forces manual will have the instructions.

  2. The result of this is that no one will ever surrender again. Fight to the knife, knife to the hilt.


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