Monday, February 9, 2015

In Afghanistan the Taliban burn meteorological records, but global warming proponents in the west just fake the meteorological data anyway...

The Taliban considered forecasting to be sorcery. They fired the country’s 600 or so professional meteorologists, shelled the Afghan Meteorological Authority, and burned the country’s vast climatological archives.
Send in the Weathermen, DoD Commando Weathermen

Well, that's Afghanistan under the Taliban.  As Chris Kyle might say, those Taliban sound like a bunch of savages. Glad that nothing like that could ever happen in the civilized west... 

Then again, as Regular Right Guy, Gateway Pundit, and Ace notes, perhaps I spoke too soon:  
Following my last article, Homewood checked a swathe of other South American weather stations around the original three. In each case he found the same suspicious one-way “adjustments”. First these were made by the US government’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN). They were then amplified by two of the main official surface records, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss) and the National Climate Data Center (NCDC), which use the warming trends to estimate temperatures across the vast regions of the Earth where no measurements are taken. Yet these are the very records on which scientists and politicians rely for their belief in “global warming”.
Fiddling with the Temperature Data, Daily Telegraph.

Apparently the world was warmer with carbon dioxide levels (similar to what we have today) several million years ago. This is used to argue the correlation between higher CO2 levels and mean temperature…but of course the question is how did the higher CO2 happen several million years ago and why did it change?

Maybe those Taliban savages have a point on the weather data?   

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  1. 5 will get you 10, Barry still shills for them.


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