Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DeflateGate Returns: Patriots Locker Room Attendant Jim McNally tried to give unapproved balls to NFL officials during the AFC Championship Game? Update: Is the Pat's locker room dude innocent? Bonus Kate Upton Rule 5


  1. Can't wait to hear how Evil Genius Belichick used a mind meld to get officials to put the bogus ball into play at precisely the optimal time for the Pats' punter. Or Indy's, as the case may be.

    Pro tip: When you find yourself on the same side as Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy, consider switching sides.

    1. Hey, Bill Nye is not confirming that a locker room attendant tried to give the wrong balls to the refs. I predict loss of a draft pick if this turns out to be true. But then Kraft does seem to have sway with Goodell.

    2. You're about two days behind on this story.

      Nice of you to join in on the trashing of some one-day-a-week sideline doofus, tho.


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