Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Double Standard of the NFL...

Is that a Tom Brady logo hat on Tom Brady's head?

TOM: Feminists hate babies even more than Goodell hates Lynch
Wombat: AmPowerBlog: Jonathan Chait's Thesis on Political Correctness is Self Proving
AoSHQ has more…


  1. from the link:

    more or less the same scale of a violation they took from Bill Belichick’s pocket after he surreptitiously(1) recorded the Jets’ practices(2,3).

    1. It wasn't surreptitious. It was done from the sidelines of an actual NFL game, in full view of everyone in the stadium.

    2. The Pats weren't taping practices. "Spygate" was about videotaping defensive signals during a game from the sidelines. If the camera had been in the stands, there wouldn't have been a violation.

    3. This dipshit at the Daily Beast has obviously confused Spygate with a newspaper story (retracted one day after it was published) alleging that the Pats had taped the Rams' walkthrough before the 2002 SB.

    (footnotes added)

    But the media have "Ballgate" exactly right!!!

  2. Brady's cap is Official NFL gear. It's the new Tampa Bay logo, incorporating the change of name to the "Losers".

  3. Yeah, Losers. That is Tom Brady's logo with is TL and a 12 built into it.


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