Friday, January 30, 2015

Romney Out!

Romney not running... I have a feeling Ann had a lot to do with this.

Mitt deflates his campaign and can focus on the Super Bowl now.  Update: And a jab at Jeb?

Legal Insurrection: Intrigue! 

Instapundit: Hillary may delay campaign (?)...and thoughts on Romney.
Hot Air: The Dream is Over
Protein Wisdom: Christie/Bush rising?
Lem's Place: Romney begs off
Jim Geraghty
The Lid

Proof on Romney being out


  1. Romney made the right choice. Waiting for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee to follow suit.

  2. Sorry, I think he's a good man and would have made a good President*.

    And, no, the ones who choked were the so-called Conservatives and Libertarians who had a choice of put up or shut up and stayed home and bitched.

    *And Miss Ann would have made a grand FLOTUS.

    PS Think you're right about her.

  3. I dusted off my "Mitt's Last Stand" Photoshop (Hopefully for the last time!) and put together a few thoughts over at Proof Positive about it.


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