Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Laughing at Mohammed : يضحك على محمد


  1. That political cartoon is nearly perfect, but it has one thing wrong. Not only is the Charlie cover hardly obscene or ugly that it should be blurred out in any network coverage; the cover doesn't even say the image is muhammed. It could simply be a depiction of the mythical moderate muslim with a tear that some would carry out such an attack in the name of Islam. It could just be a picture of any Arab holding the sign. Alas, Charlie's cover was far more complex that the crass artwork of the left, such as Piss Christ; Charlie took someone else's sentiment "Je Suis Charlie", others' symbolism of being seen holding a sign; and played it back to these people; and now those people consider it obscene.

    The day prior to publication, I thought it bad taste for one of the Charlie employees to say "Je Suis Charlie" makes them vomit. But the reaction to the cover art made his point far better than the magazine's words. "Je Suis Charlie" is all a pretense with no intent to actually live up to the words. Worse, there's not even the intent to live up to post pretense of the artwork being blasphemy and thus being inappropriate, because we already know blasphemy has not stopped these people from happily offending other religions, such as Judism.

  2. Uncle Saul was right about one thing - ridicule is the worst weapon you can use.

    And the Moslems know it.

    1. Yes they do. Umberto Eco addressed this in the Name of the Rose. What a coincidence, the Muslims are about 700 years behind the Christians on this topic.

      And the Feminists are even farther behind them both.


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