Monday, January 19, 2015

ISIS and Boko Haram are homophobic misogynist Islamic death cults

So why does Barack Obama resist calling out Islamic terror? Why is Barack Obama so committed to releasing those we captured back to commit fresh new atrocities?

And why are the lunatics TOM monitors such as PennyRed and other Feminists, not calling out this abuse of women and homosexuals or even actual homegrown criminals?  Why don't they seem to care about real atrocities?

American Sniper: A Review
Selma: A Review (peaceful protest does not work in most places in the world)

How Boko Haram made us okay with slaughter (unlike Cambodia, Sudan, and Rwanda)
TOM: Crazy but also evil…if only in distracting from the truth (but in fact much more)
Instapundit: ISIS plan for killing millions in religious ethnic cleansing

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