Saturday, January 3, 2015

Did someone mention Catwoman?

We can start with the lovely Julie Newmar...

Cats like to stretch...

 The fabulous Eartha Kitt

She had the best wheels...

The sassy Lee Meriwether

The fierce Halle Berry

And last but certainly not least, Anne Hathaway

If she can't find one, maybe Lisa Bonos will build the perfect feminist man…

Goodstuff has some Catwoman
Even Lisa Bonos favored that tweet, the power of Ms. Newmar cannot be denied!
Instapundit: How to find a feminist boyfriend…
AoSQH: How to find a feminist boyfriend
Instapundit: Links to SE Cupp on how to find the right boyfriend

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  1. Everything you wanted to know about Catwoman but were afraid to ask Tim Burton.


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