Monday, January 5, 2015

Democrats Just Want To Have Fun...

And Clinton thought what happens on Epstein's fantasy island stayed on Epstein's fantasy island?

TOM: Criminal rape culture at home here and here  not getting much attention from feminists
TOM: Feminism's Campaign of Terror (then again, given they are around Democrat males so much…can you entirely blame them for their hated of males)

Instapundit: Enquiring minds want to know (they were right about John Edwards)


  1. Listen, if Andy, who distinguished himself in the Falklands, has to go down, he should be joined by Willie.

  2. PS Repeat apres moi, "Ah did not have sex with thet thar 12 year old. Ah ain't intuh older women"

  3. Never mind Bill. What about Hillary?

    1. I am sure she is pissed she did not get to go to the Island of Misfit Boys, if only to have a crack at some of those girls.


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