Monday, January 12, 2015

Can the GOP do better?

Although I have to respectfully disagree with DrewM at AoSHQ, if Mitt goal is playing king maker and sucking the air and inevitability out of Jeb's early campaign, I am fine with Mitt mixing it up now (although I am not fine with Mitt ulitmately being the nominee).

Talking about establishment Republicans...

Hot Air: Battle for the Soul of the GOP
Legal Insurrection: Old Slow Hillary Clinton vs Unelectable Lizzy Warren
Instapundit: More on Slow Hillary...
Rush Limbaugh: Donor class confused over reports of Jeb-Mitt feud
I agree Mitt in the race is good news: Let the establishment GOP fight amongst themselves and let the conservatives be the stealth candidates…

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  1. I still say Mitt is a good man and would have been a good President and that the election was stolen, but, yes, let's give some new CONSERVATIVE blood a shot.


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