Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Can conservatives block Boehner on the first ballot? Update: Boehner survives...

Hot Air, Red State, AoSHQ is cautiously optimistic/skeptical…well leaning skeptical.

I can also understand why they would not disclose until they get what they need to do it. Just don't let it be a useless performance art demonstration (Smitty's House of Representatives PSA)
The Blaze describes how the vote will happen.

Andy at AoSHQ: Prediction
WaPo: Some Drama?
Protein Wisdom: Can this Weeping Orange Force of Nature be stopped?
Jim Geraghty: High Drama?
Matt Lewis: How to do it

Boehner survives...
Instapundit: Boehner gets by with a little help from missing Dems...
Dump Boehner Junta Fails

Boehner takes revenge on those who opposed him (too bad he can't be that tough with Democrats)
Wombat : Boehner reelected despite opposition


  1. Looks like it will be relatively close; close enough, even if it fails, to stand as a No Confidence vote.

  2. Since they beat all the estimates, Boehner is on notice now.

  3. Wanna bet?


    1. Yes, actually. Clearly, people are getting fed up.

      Expect a lot more primarying next time around.

      PS Of course, Politico is going to go all apocalyptic on the Conservatives.

      Big whoop.

    2. Um, it's not Politico that dumped Webster and Nugent from the Rules committee.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You really think he'll purge all of them?

      Then he may have a real mutiny on his hands.


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