Friday, January 16, 2015

Bill Donahue and Pope Francis: Why draw a limit on free speech?

AoSHQ response to Bill Donahue and Pope Francis

I understand the opinion of not going out of your way to insult other religions. Donahue and Pope Francis went beyond that. Joking aside, why draw a limit on free speech? I agree with Ace it is not about hurt feelings (as Hugh Hewitt did in his interview with Donahue), it is about right and wrong.

As Noah Rothman notes:
When broadcasters effusively praise the bravery of the Charlie Hebdo journalists but refuse to show the work they are praising for fear of retribution from either extremists or attorneys; when the head of the Catholic Church can find some sensibleness in religious violence; when those who speak their minds are imprisoned for doing so, you know that Europe is on the verge of a new dark age.We support free speech because it is right to do so and part of that is tolerating speech we disagree with. There is a far greater good in doing so.    
Why is Islam above criticism? It is almost like the Charlie Hebdo attacks had nothing to do with Islam.

But apparently it is still okay for Muslims and Jimmy Carter to blame the Jews (there certainly has not been a lot of outcry about it). But as Mark Steyn notes that problem is taking care of itself… I recognize Jimmy Carter is not Catholic but he likes to think of himself as a Pope.

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  1. First amendment.

    I can understand the Pope not getting it, but Donahue...


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