Saturday, January 10, 2015

Anjem Choudary Rule 5

Choudary 2
Choudary 3 
TOM: Muslim Fanatic Anjem Choudary
EBL: No drivers licenses in Russia for transsexuals
Truth Revolt: Choudary: Muslims trying to teach West a lesson...
Ben Shapiro's interview with Anjem Choudary (Shapiro is right, when it comes to lunatics like Choudary, let them talk, don't talk over them).
Instapundit: Let's laugh at Islam
TOM: France Rallies, Boumediene flees to Syria
TOM: France and Terror
TOM: Why do they refer to the "Prophet Mohammed" and the New Exodus
Conrad Black: Defending the Christian West
Instapundit : Why didn't Obama go to Paris?… Our gutless surrenderIslam's tarnished brandSorry Charlieblasphemy for me but not for thee…and style matters
Mark Steyn: The fire rages
DaTechGuy: Islam's deadly problemRule 5 and FMJRA
AmPowBlog : The Federalist (stop pretending terrorism is not part of Islam)

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  1. At times like this, the Gospel According to Phil Sheridan makes sense.


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