Sunday, January 18, 2015

American Sniper: A Review

An amazing film. Well written, directed and acted. Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller give stellar performances. Don't accept any of the negative reviews, this is a great film.  Go see it.

Instapundit: Give the people what they want
Michael Moore hates it

Smitty: Let me be perfectly clear…
Hot Air: Michael Moore, Hollwood and issues…and the leftist insurgency against American Sniper
This is not a left or right movie. It is really apolitical and about a study of a person exposed to the stress and trauma of war, honestly done. Eastwood and the cast and crew do a marvelous job.
A Veteran's View of American Sniper: Best Iraq War Film Ever Made
Wombat: Big box office for American Sniper, God Bless Our Snipers, and Sorry Hanoi Jane, Vets Don't Forget…(they shouldn't but remember this is about the politics of Hollywood and Academy Awards)
Instapundit: When the left loved snipers…(seems they only like certain snipers)
Protein Wisdom: It is tragic you have to link this…
Why the left can't tolerate American Sniper
Legal Insurrection: the left can't handle American Sniper
Instapundit: Hollywood jihad against American Sniper…and Hollywood Omertà broken (although how they felt was never much of a secret) and Kyle wasn't a savage, he killed savages


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am familiar with the life of Chris Kyle, who apparently had a few truth problems, as documented here:

    In his defense it's probably impossible to look down the scope for the last time at over 160 human beings and NOT have it affect your mental state. But why elevate a person with these issues to the status of hero?

    1. If it comes down to veracity between Jesse Ventura and anyone, I am going with anyone. Is Chris Kyle a perfect human being? No one is (other than Jesus, if you are a Christian). Did he serve honorably and save American and Iraqi ally lives? Absolutely.

      I do not think killing 160 people makes you a hero. Serving with distinction and going above and beyond makes you a hero. Maybe you should read his book and see the movie before you opine.

    2. True Progessives don't HAVE to see the movie. They just KNOW/


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