Thursday, December 11, 2014

With thousand of woman and girls being raped and brutalized in Syria, Iraq and Africa…why is the media so obsessed with the fabricated/exaggerated tales of Lena Dunham and UVA's Jackie?

What is shown above is justified by religion. Yet the media is focused on Lena Dunham and
Sabrina Rubin Erdely's manufactured rape fantasies?

What am I missing?

Hey maybe to feminists, the media and the left black and brown lives and women (if they are not a white cable celebrity or fit a certain demographic profile) do matter less?

Maetenloch at AoSHQ
Instapundit: Shouldn't facts matter? and discrepancies (both the subject and the writers to blame), was it all a fabrication (WaPo is inching closer to that conclusion), and why the flawed reporting (hmmm).

TOM: As UVA story falls apart, Feminists try to save rape culture narrative…
TOM: We are so doomed
They made PJ O'Rourke write about Lena Dunham…the horror, the horror (and he probably doesn't do drugs anymore to mitigate the pain)
Mark Steyn sums it up so well…

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  1. You have to remember the Lefties are scared to death of the Moslem crazies and don't want to do anything to make them mad.


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