Monday, December 8, 2014

Will Lena Dunham be sued for Libel?


  1. "Can't anyone make @lenadunham a victim of the #patriarchy?"

    She wouldn't exist without the patriarchy.

  2. No case. The "rapist" as described in the book, did not exist, therefore it cannot have been a real person. Further, her book was a work of fiction. Nothing in it should be taken as true.

    1. So she essentially raped her own credibility?

  3. Credibility doesn't matter for liberals. Only the narative matters. Any supporting stories, creative or otherwise are fine.

    Remember Gore's nomination acceptance speach? His daughter told s stupid story about how the family guinea pig fell into the water as they were putting it into a boat. Gore gave it mouth to mouth to revive it after saving it from drowning. narrative: Gore isn't a wooden automaton, he is kind to children and animals.

    It was 7th grade level creative writting and instantly recognizable as such.


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