Sunday, December 28, 2014

The most over-hyped story of 2014

Dude, coming out as gay in 2014 is not that big a deal. Given the NFL has had dog killers and wife beaters, do you really think every team in the NFL would shun you for being gay if you could play?  

The NFL is certainly not perfect, but it does tend to be a meritocracy when it comes to football. What matters is you can perform on the field. Tony Dungy got dogged for saying he would not have drafted Sam but given how this has played out in the media is Dungy wrong?  It is not about Sam being gay, it is the over the top reaction of the media to Sam being gay.  And Sam has absolutely played that up (as a means of self promotion).  I am sure that there is some shade for being gay (I am not saying there is no prejudice out there in the world, there obviously is) but spare us the sob story of why you got cut from the Rams and Cowboys. The truth is he would not have gotten the shots he has gotten, but for being gay.     

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