Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Paul Nungesser and Emma "Mattress Girl" Sulkowicz

Did German Student and self described Feminists Paul Nungesser do it or not?  

Was Emma Sukowicz raped/assaulted or not? I can't tell. There was apparently not enough evidence for even the campus administrative process to act. But that she is doing this as a performance art thesis project makes one wonder if he is sincere or not (and again, I can't tell, I do not know either of these people, I could see it going either way). They throw out in the Times article that false rape accusations are rare. 
Actually false accusations are not that rare.  But that does not mean all accusations are false. 

But as Instapundit and AoSHQ note, feminists (at least here) have an obsession with rape. Even going so far as to drag Christmas into it.

TOM: The Worst in Demogoguery and Instapundit: The left's hypocrisy of hate

Come to think of it, what about those Occupy Rape Camps?

Democrats were desperate to try to tie their whole #WarOnWomen narrative into it (apparently ignoring that guys like Mr. Nungesser are often more Dieter than Tea Party in profile).

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