Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am sorry Mr. President and First Lady, but I am pretty sure this is NOT racism...

I get that black folk may get mistaken more for "help" in certain contexts more than perhaps some white old dude. A lot of it depends on context, age of the persons, body language, etc. But if someone makes a mistake, that does not necessarily mean it is racially motivated (let alone racist).  

Body language matters

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  1. As noted elsewhere, because all the oppressed Negroes go to Ivy League schools, get 6 figure do-nothing jobs, are fawned over by dumb, rich white people, and are elected POTUS (even if it is only by vote fraud).

    PS Stuff like that happens to The Blonde all the time, so it must be racially motivated.

  2. Being tall might be a sufficient cause for a total stranger to ask you for help getting something off the top shelf. And I wore a red shirt and khakies to Target once...ONCE.


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