Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feminists vs. ISIS Rule 5 (not completely safe for work)

TOM: How to win wars and Miriam Mogilevsky lectures will drive ISIS to madness (if only we could find an effective delivery system)…

Oh wait, feminists who converted to Islam?
Hirsi Ali takes on feminists' "trivial BS"
Feminists ignore the real root of misogyny and why Feminists will not take on Islam
Feminists have no time to take on ISIS sex slavery

Ok, this is now just a gratuitous and shameless Rule 5 post…

Xena was a big favorite with which demographic group?  

"Fantasy photography" is an apt description…


Smitty: I am not sure a Constitutional Convention (if it happened) would be a good thing.
Smitty: But we can always have legions of Cuban doctors.  
Instapundit: Lessons from Lincoln on defeating Islamic terror


  1. Weren't Amazons supposed to have a breast removed so it wouldn't get thwapped by the bowstring?


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