Monday, December 1, 2014

Crazy Anna Benson Rule 5

It may not be baseball season, but crazy never takes a break.  Hat tip to Trooper York for reminding me of this crazy Rule 5, which has pretty much everything (on the crazy scale):

Crazy Eyes don't Lie

Open the dictionary to "Bat Shit Crazy" and this is what you will see…

Clearly a refresher course is needed for Kris Benson for monitoring potential mates on the Hot Crazy Matrix. On the crazy axis, Anna Benson is off the chart.

This is not her first Rule 5 appearance, Proof did a post a few years back, but a recap is needed.

Hey talking about crazy insane people, is Jim Harbaugh on the trading block?  (h/t Wombat for that)

And as Smitty knows crazy is not limited to baseball and busty strippers, with this and this.



  1. You give me what I want, little girl, and Santa will be verrrrry good to you.


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