Saturday, December 20, 2014

2 NYPD Officers Executed in Brooklyn in revenge for Garner and Ferguson

DeBlasio Time
Instapundit : Things are getting ugly in NYC
Some celebrating the shooting of the police
Instapundit: Tweet of the Year
AmPowBlog: I can breathe
Instapundit and The Lid: Cops turn their back on DeBlasio
Hot Air: Time for DeBlasio to resign
Lem's Place
Instapundit: Hey what about the cop killing video?
TOM: NYT Obfuscates Cop Killer's Motive
Legal Insurrection: Aftermath of cop execution

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  1. As someone on Twitchy noted, put these 2 alongside Yankel Rosenbloom and the 6 at Freddy's Fashion Mart.


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