Sunday, November 23, 2014

So when will that decision come down in Ferguson, Missouri?

TOM: Two Black Panthers Terrorists Arrested in Ferguson Bomb Plot?

Drudge Report has a bunch of links:

Huffington Post: KKK threatens lethal force against protestors (is there even a KKK left or are these posers)
Instapundit: Black panthers arrested in Ferguson gun and bomb plot 

Do people know what the Grand Jury is going to do or are they speculating? My guess is the later. I would not be at all surprised if the inditement goes forward and I would not be surprised if it does not. The snips of testimony that have come out seem to point to reasonable doubt (if inditement is given) but they have been leaks and except for people actually involved with the Grand Jury, we do not know all the evidence or what the deliberations have been. 

I know that an 18 year old man getting shot over essentially nothing is tragic. That does not mean Officer Wilson is guilty or even liable. Do I know if the shooting was justified? I still don't. I have heard a lot of conflicting evidence. I am reserving until I hear all the evidence. 

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