Monday, November 3, 2014

Self admitted sister molester Lena Dunham threatens to sue!

Instapundit: Lena Dunham confirms she molested her own younger sister, calls critics disgusting.
TOM: Andrea Dworkin's Legacy
EBL: Lena Dunham Rule 5
Instapundit: Dunham is too dumb to realize truth is a defense to libel.
Treacher: Dunham cancels dates on book tour after being quoted by evil right wingers
Surber: Dunham outed as a pervert
TOM: The #StreetHarassmentMeme
Dunham describes molesting her little sister
Dunham needs to check her sexual privilege
Dunham denies her own allegations!


  1. Two issues... one, I never tried to look at my sister's vagina. Second, of the things I might have done, I wouldn't share them in a book to the public. That Lena molested her sister is based on her own words. She might not consider it abuse, and I might not have either had I heard the event from someone who witnessed at the time. I understand kids might just be curious and not suspect a sexual connotation to the act. But Lena tells it was based on her interest in the sexual organs and expands upon various other acts that are inappropriate at best and continued abuse of her sister at worse. After all, I doubt her sister is happy the world knows now that her sister masturbated thinking of her sticky warm body next to her in bed.

  2. Nice to know we still draw the line somewhere.

  3. Copyright laws prevented this bint's book from being properly titled: Hideous Kinky.

  4. Who was the editor and publishers who thought such a book was a good idea that other people wanted to read?


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