Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nancy Pelosi denies pregnant Rep. Tammy Duckworth the right to vote in caucus leadership races by proxy

Tammy Duckworth: Requests an accommodation on voting for medical reasons
Denied by Nancy Pelosi (didn't like how Duckworth might vote)

Instapundit: Pelosi looks out for her own (she almost always does)
h/t: Wombat : No accommodation from Pelosi

Wombat : Dems stick with Fancy Nancy
Instapundit: Democrat war on women continues against Duckworth
Even Jon Stewart goes after Pelosi…

Proof Positive: Fancy Nancy hanging with her peeps and getting eviscerated by Jon Stewart.  


  1. The whole Left is imploding, isn't it?

    PS Duckworth ought to switch parties.

  2. The Democrats' War on Women continues apace.


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